First Post – Nervous and Scared

I’m nervous and scared. I’ve never thought to post my words for other readers to enjoy (and judge). I would like to become a famous novelist (who here wouldn’t?!) (who here is? I would love to ask you questions!) I have enjoyed writing since I was a little girl. I enjoyed making up stories in elementary school. Then when i got to take writing in my high school years, I wasn’t fond of the strict guide lines for essays and reports. Now, I wish that I would remember some of them. I wonder what box, some where in my house (not on a shelf like they should be) are my English text books. I kept most of my books from college because I payed for them.  I am very pleased to say, I have one of my favorite teachers from junior high as a friend on Facebook and might be asking for her editing skills on future writings. I’m sure she would fire up a red pen for one of her favorite students. On the same note of wishing I remembered more of the rules, I wish I would have kept all my writings. Every poem and short story should have been neatly filed and kept for future reference. Including all drafts from the first to the last, with teacher’s notes and grade. Who knew I would want to go back and reference them.
I also wish that I was better read. That I could tolerate more of the classics so that I had a better vocabulary and sense of writing styles. I tend to stick with a certain author in each genre and have collections from a few: Seuss, Koontz, Macomber and Roberts. I would like to start reading Shakespeare, Christie and Dickens. I would also like to collect the entire Harry Potter series for my children and Shel Silverstein’s works and Erma Bombeck for me. I plan to buy my children a copy of my favorite childhood book and their dad’s favorite. His is Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak. Where-The-Wild-Things-AreI’ll get back to you when I decide what mine was. So many books to look through in my library (boxes) Judy Blume books are too mature for my eight year old and she is beyond the Seuss’ magic for a bit. She’ll come back to him when she discovers tongue twisters – Fox in Socks, anyone? 51ECWESQW8L
My love of reading as a child is what has fueled my interest in writing. I want to write my words down for my children (and their children’s children) to read one day. So that they may know their mom as a person. (How I wish I had stories of my grandmothers when they were girls. I should have asked more questions.) So That my children know my experiences and losses, my great loves and deep heart aches, I am here to write them down. I want them to know that no matter what they go through in life, they can use writing as a way to work out their emotions and a way to remember their adventures. And I love the idea of other people reading my words over and over again because they crave my stories. The idea of my thoughts and stories echoing in someone’s mind is a thrilling concept to me.This is why I am nervous and scared.